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Missing LinkMonsters vs. AliensMoon Fisher
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Pretty Polly PurebredPrince AdamPrincess Adora
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SamsonSandyShe-Ra: Princess of Power
Shoeshine BoySimon Bar SinisterSinbad
Sinbad: Legend of the Seven SeasSpace AcademySuperstretch and Microwoman
The Guardians of ChildhoodThe Lone Ranger (comic)The Mighty Hercules
The Occult Files of Dr. SpektorTontoToothiana
Tragg and the Sky GodsTrollsTurok
Turok: Son of StoneUnderdogVoltron (comic)
Web WomanWinterbolt
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File:Space Sentinels.jpgFile:Super Stretch and Microwoman.jpgFile:The Dragit.jpg
File:The Emperor of the Night.pngFile:The Guardians of Childhood.pngFile:The Jester.png
File:The Lone Ranger.jpgFile:The Mighty Hercules.jpegFile:The Occult Files of Dr. Spektor.jpg
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